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Anne Willem de Vries

Co-founder and CEO

Anne Willem (AW) de Vries combines a strong analytical mindset with a passion for delivering results.

After finalizing his degree in Applied Physics, he joined the Amsterdam office of Bain & Company. He moved on to work in Private Equity where he was responsible for portfolio companies in the Netherlands and Germany. He gained experience in cards payments at Adyen, where he was part of the cards acquiring team.

As Co-founder and CEO of Silverflow, Anne Willem is responsible for product and the overall commercial, financial and operational activities.


Paul Buying

Co-founder and CTO

Paul Buying combines in-depth technical expertise with entrepreneurial affinity and a strong focus on execution.

After finishing his masters in Artificial Intelligence, he started his career as a software engineer and team lead at Cambridge Technology Partners, SpringSource and Everett. He moved on to found LiveWords, a cloud translation platform which was acquired by Concorde Group, Europe’s largest translation agency.

As Co-founder of Silverflow and CTO, Paul is responsible for platform vision and architecture, hiring and managing the engineering team.



Robert Kraal

Co-founder and CBDO

Robert Kraal is one of the few people in the world with over 20 years of experience in online payments.

After completing his degree in Geophysics, he started his career at Bibit, the first global Payment Service Provider (PSP) which was acquired by RBS/Worldpay. At RBS/Worldpay he went on to lead account management, before moving on to Google Netherlands. He joined Adyen in 2010 in the role of COO, where he was responsible for building and running the global acquiring and processing service.

As Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer of Silverflow, Robert is responsible for maintaining relationships with the card schemes, acquirers, PSPs and regulators.


Nigel Thacker


Nigel Thacker is another of the few people in the world with 20 years experience in online payments.

After completing an HND in Electronics and Telecommunications he went initially into IT and then spent some years in Telecomm.

In 2000 he moved into Payments as the second UK employee for Bibit, helping them become the best of breed PSP, bought by RBS in 2005. Since then he has worked across all aspects of the payments industry, BIN sponsorship, Transactional Fx, launching new payment methods and more recently managed the Enterprise sales team at Adyen.

As CCO of Silverflow, Nigel is responsible for the sales and go to market strategy, heading the commercial team across Europe and beyond as Silverflow expands its reach.


Marc Broens

Card Scheme Manager

Marc studied Applied Physics and Petroleum Engineering at the TU Delft before joining a Venture Capital firm in Amsterdam as an analyst. During his time there he was introduced to the ecosystem of technology ventures and entrepreneurship which made him realize he wanted hands-on experience.

At Silverflow Marc is responsible for card scheme operations, information security and project management.



Justin Moor

Software Engineer

With a curious mind, a BSc in computer science and a deeply rooted passion for programming, Justin views the field of engineering as a craft; you just can’t know enough about it. He’s as familiar with low-level concepts like the 6502 microprocessor registers as with high-level concepts such as cloud-native microservices and scalability. At Silverflow, Justin is responsible for developing the core Silverflow platform.


René Mulder

Senior Software Engineer

René Mulder enjoys working in teams with a strong focus to challenge the status quo. He has a passion for technology, but love for people.

He started coding at the age of 12 under the guidance of his physics teacher. He ultimately ended up working in various roles as consultant, architect, product owner, team manager and sales engineer, but always keeping in touch with the contents. The recurring theme has always been IT security. He has worked in various sectors ranging from government to industry and finally fintech in the past 5 years.

As a Senior Software Engineer he is responsible for translating card scheme requirements into a high secure, high performance cloud native implementation.


Chikelue Oji

Senior Software Engineer

With almost 17 years of experience in software engineering and technology, Chikelue has the breadth and depth of experience needed to quickly understand today’s enterprise business challenges and craft the most suitable solutions.

After acquiring his First degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering at the Lagos State University, Chikelue spent approximately two years working for blue-chip companies like Barclaycard and Getronics in the United Kingdom. Since then, he has worked on cutting-edge products and projects for various fast-growing and large technology companies around the world.

Before joining Silverflow, he spent approximately two years building out the Payments and Abuse Prevention services of DAZN.

As a Senior Software Engineer, Chikelue is responsible for identifying and analysing card scheme specifications and designing cloud-native service architectures and solutions based on those specifications.

Tjerk Stroband

Principal Software Engineer

Tjerk is an experienced Cloud Software Architect with a strong background in software development and a passion for security. His programming experience spans more than 28 years of which a solid 15 years in the FinTech sector as a Full Stack Developer and Software Architect.

Starting in the financial sector as a Software Developer he has worked in various other industries, before returning to the Fintech sector in 2010 as a Software Architect. Before joining Silverflow in 2021 he spent three years developing a secure and scalable cloud-native platform and several features of a 'serverless' retail bank.

As Principal Software Engineer, Tjerk is responsible for designing and help implement our secure and scalable service at a global scale using cloud-native technology, while maintaining a high degree of automation and ensuring the solution is provably compliant at all times.


Pim Veldhuisen

Software Engineer

Pim studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering at the TU Delft, giving him a broad perspective on computer systems, ranging from the transistor level to system architecture and from differential equations to software engineering methodologies.

Working in payment certifications at UL in Leiden (Netherlands), brought him into contact with a wide range of players in the industry, where he was struck by the contrast between the established names and the new tech players in the way they operate and develop their payment systems. Seeing how the payments ecosystem is a very dynamic world with a unique combination of both ancient and cutting-edge elements, Pim is eager to tackle the challenges that occur when these systems meet and engineer a platform that bridges the gaps.


Jan Vrijenhoek

Principal Card Scheme Manager

With more than 15 years of experience in payments, Jan Vrijenhoek has a proven track record in the payment industry.

After various Sales and Account Management roles in the Travel Industry and IT, he started his payments career in 2004 at Bibit, the first global Payment Service Provider (PSP). When RBS/Worldpay acquired Bibit, he continued to manage Key Accounts whilst building out the Account Management team.

He joined Adyen in 2010 in the role of Card Scheme and Partnership manager, where he was responsible for maintaining relationships with payment method providers, acquiring banks and card networks. This went hand in hand with building and running the acquiring and processing services.

As Principal Card Scheme Manager at Silverflow, Jan is managing relations with card networks and driving projects to implement card scheme functionality in multiple regions.


Silverflow has received funding from London based Crane Venture Partners,
Amsterdam based Inkef Capital, Miami based Global PayTech Ventures and Angel Investors with prior operational experience from or as investor in companies like Pay.On, First Data, N26, and Adyen


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Chamber of Commerce: 75 70 56 80