Silverflow offers a direct connection
to the card networks

How does it work?

A BIN (Bank Identification Number) is a 6 digit number used by Visa and Mastercard to identify the acquiring bank responsible for the transaction. A licensed Acquirer can set up multiple BINs including a dedicated one for a PSP or a Merchant to use.

Step 1.

Dedicate a BIN* from one of your current acquirers, your own acquiring licence or from Silverflow’s acquirer partner network.

Step 2.

Connect to Silverflow’s API to onboard merchants and start submitting charges to the card networks.

Step 3.

Silverflow will provide detailed settlement information, including transaction level fees and exchange rate details.

Step 4.

Settlement itself is not handled by Silverflow, but remains in the trusted hands of your banks.

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  • One connection into the card networks, no need to handle or maintain numerous connection types
  • No need to reconcile countless different reporting formats
  • Cloud native with superior security and reliability
  • Increased authorization rates through direct connection to the networks and smart data insights
  • Real-time transaction reporting created by the most experienced people in the industry
  • Same platform across acquirers and regions
  • Richest functionality available
  • Access data and reports via a simple REST-API

Supported functionality

  • 3DS 2.1 and SCA support
  • Moto, Ecommerce and Card-on-File payments
  • Recurring payments
  • Account updater 
  • Account verification service 
  • Address verification service
  • Network tokenization
  • Mastercard MoneySend and Visa Original Credit Transactions
  • Apple, Samsung and Google Pay
  • QR-codes based payments

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