With Silverflow, you can now
directly access card networks

PSPs and Acquirers can instantly add new functionality,  significantly reduce costs  and save time – all to better serve their merchants.

Our customers include

Payment Service Providers

As a PSP you can add additional functionality, reduce cost and save time. By working with Silverflow you will have direct access to the card networks and be able to create value for your merchants with smart data insights.

As a PSP, Silverflow will enable you to:

  • Generate new revenues from the latest payment functionality like network tokenization or direct-to-card payouts.
  • Improve conversion by benefiting from unfiltered transaction responses from the card networks.
  • Reduce interchange and network fees by utilizing Silverflow’s detailed transaction level fee reporting.
  • Save scarce development time by reducing the number of connections into the card networks.
  • Access a rich set of smart data at transaction level and provide insights into conversion, decline codes, charge back reasons, shoppers and transactions costs to your merchants.

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As an Acquirer there are three ways to benefit from Silverflow’s payment technology and direct connection into the card networks.

  • First you can setup Silverflow as a third party processor and invite Payfacs and merchants to start using our state-of-the-art processing technology.
  • Second, you can create extra revenues from your acquiring license by providing a BIN Sponsorship to fast growing PSPs using Silverflow’s processing technology.
  • Thirdly, you can provide specific merchants with advanced processing technology, solidifying the commercial relationship.

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As a merchant you can benefit from advanced payment functionality, reduce transaction cost and gain valuable insights from your transaction data by selecting a PSP or Acquirer that works with Silverflow.

A PSP or Acquirer that works with Silverflow will enable you to:

  • Improve conversion through Silverflow’s direct connection into the card networks.
  • Generate revenues from new business models, enabled by advanced payment functionality.
  • Reduce transaction cost.
  • Gain insights into conversion, decline codes, charge back reasons and shoppers.

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