The problem with payment processing today

September 27, 20226 min read

There is an ongoing, persistent problem that Acquirers, PSPs, Payment Facilitators (PayFacs), and Marketplaces face daily with payments processing . This problem is costing them time, money, lost revenue, and customer insights— and what’s worrying is that some of these organisations don’t actually realise they have a problem and how deeply it affects them.

The vast majority of these companies are stuck using legacy credit card processing systems that are built on mainframe technology that is 30+ years old. These platforms are limited in the card network data they can ingest, rigid in how they function, expensive to implement, and even costlier to maintain. 

This legacy technology has forced these organisations to treat card payment processing as a commoditised product, focused on how their processor can move transaction information from Point A to Point B at the lowest price. What these companies fail to grasp is that the current (and future) state of card processing depends on modern technology that allows organisations to innovate in terms of data transparency, speed of onboarding merchants, and fast time to market for new card payment features.

Silverflow, the payments technology start-up has pioneered a new processing platform that specifically addresses the complications these customers face. Developed and built in-house, our cloud-native payment processing solution provides global direct connection to the card networks, processing 10,000 transactions per second. 

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Operating on 3 core principles, the company not only delivers greater  efficiencies and growth opportunities, they directly address the issues that are critical for modern card processing today:

Data:  Silverflow is first and foremost a data company. By providing a direct connection to the card networks, Silverflow gives its clients full and consistent data transparency leading to higher approval rates, uniform chargeback data, and valuable cardholder information. This allows for more frictionless payments and gives our clients the ability to make critical business decisions based on ALL available data.

Did you know that there are over 100 response codes that card issuers provide?

Silverflow makes all these available via our REST API.

Ease of Use:  Silverflow is about simplicity. Clients are able to go live and start processing quickly, efficiently, and at a fraction of the cost of the normal decision of buy or build. Silverflow offers easy integration via APIs, full dispute resolution management capabilities, a 3DS (v 2.2) endpoint, interchange, and scheme fee calculation when the transaction clears, and making available all card network data.

The latest live acquirer completed their authentication, auth and clearing integration in production in under a 5 weeks. 

Innovation:  In addition to offering a flexible and unique cloud-native processing solution, Silverflow disrupts the status quo by aligning with the card networks, allowing them to push their value-added services to clients quickly and efficiently. Clients can select our preferred partners to add services such as fraud mitigation and merchant onboarding. This gives our clients the ability to offer a truly best-in-class card processing solution.


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About Silverflow

Silverflow is a global payments technology company, founded by online payments industry veterans, with the mission to accelerate technological innovation in the payments industry. Silverflow’s cloud-based platform provides a state-of-the-art upgrade and direct access to the card networks for payment services providers, merchants and acquirers. Its intuitive product and scalable technology provides value, creates efficiencies, and drives new opportunities for all. Based in Amsterdam, Silverflow is backed by Crane Venture Partners, INKEF Capital and notable angel investors from Pay.On, First Data,, and Adyen. 

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